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Community Air Monitoring Project Summary

LOCATION (COUNTIES IN CA): Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Shasta, Trinity

FIRES: Tubbs, Atlas, Sulfur, Thomas, Carr


In 2017 and 2018, California experienced a number of disastrous wildfires. When the fires stopped burning residents returned to their homes to find piles of toxic ash and rubble where they once lived. Thousands of structures were destroyed. Cleanup of the debris was handled as a remedial action.
The removal of such debris can be dangerous to sensitive or at-risk populations, particularly for children and senior citizens. Field Data Solutions worked with the contractor to deploy community based monitoring stations that allowed residents real-time access to local data.


Monitoring air quality conditions, specifically particulate levels, near sensitive receptors and populations.


Four specific monitoring instruments were deployed with real-time data monitoring capabilities via connections to the FDS Connect® real-time user interface platform.
• TSI Dustrak II Model 8530
• MetOne E-Sampler
• MetOne ES-642 Air Sampler
• AIO 2 Sonic Weather Station
The Community Air Monitoring Platform (CAMP) placed particulate monitoring systems near sites, such as schools, hospitals and elderly housing where sensitive receptors/populations gather or live. The TSI Dustrak II and The MetOne ES-642 collected real-time samples and transmitted data to the FDS Connect® platform user interface that was accessible to the public through computers, laptops, and portable devices including tablets and cell phones. The weather stations allowed the client to track wind direction and predict the path in which air particulates moved. This data was also available on the FDS Connect® user interface, and was integrated with the real-time particulate records.


The deployed equipment transmitted data to the FDS Connect® platform where it was accessible to the client’s project managers and the FDS team. Alerts were sent when the air quality exceeded accepted standards.
In addition to the CAMP System, FDS provided equipment through its partner company, Field Environmental Instruments, for crews to use during clean-up operations. Among the equipment deployed were Casella Apex 2 Pro Air Sampling Pumps for personal air monitoring and Tyvek suits.


During the project the contractor:
• Accurately documented air quality conditions, specifically particulate levels, near sensitive receptors.
• Increased public confidence by making real-time data available to everyone.
• Provided cost effective and efficient data collection and recovery.
• Proved the measures taken were efficient and lead to the successful completion of the project.

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