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Water Level

  • VanEssen Diver Family (micro, mini, CTD, Cera, Baro-Diver (up to 328ft))
  • Global Water Pressure Transducers (3ft to 60ft)
  • Siemens Pressure Transducers

Site Local Weather

  • MetOne AutoMet
  • MetOne Individual Parameter Sensors (Temp, Wind, RH, etc)
  • MetOne AIO-2 (All-in-One Sonic Weather Station)
  • Casella Nomad


  • Dwyer Magnehelic Pressure Gauge
  • ISCO Avalanche Composite Sampler
  • Generic Analog Sensor Interfaces (amperage and voltage)
  • Generic Serial/Digital Sensor Interfaces

FDS Connect powers data collection with the latest sensors, detectors, gauges, and monitors from leading manufacturers. These sensors are connected to a low-power radio, local mesh network. Just as important as the uninterrupted data collection--the network is flexible and scalable, allowing adaptations to your project requirements.

The platform delivers the most comprehensive real-time data network available to the environmental industry:

  • Wireless Connectivity

  • Power Options

  • Instrument Integration

Network Sensors

Choose from the following sensors that have already been integrated into the network for faster deployment at your project site. The flexibility of the platform allows for integration of additional sensors if preferred. 

Pre-integrated Network Sensors


  • Casella CEL 633

Water Quality

  • YSI EXO-1 Multiple Parameter Sonde
  • YSI EXO-2 Multiple Parameter Sonde
  • YSI 6-Series Multiple Parameter Sonde
  • Global Water Optical DO


  • Thermo Scientific ADR-1500
  • Met One BAM 1020
  • Met One EBAM
  • Met One E-Sampler
  • Met One ES-642
  • TSI DustTrak DRX
  • TSI DustTrak II 8530

Gas Detection

  • RAE Systems MultiRae Plus
  • RAE Systems MiniRae 3000
  • RAE Systems MiniRae Lite
  • RAE Systems PPBRae
  • RAE Systems RAEGuard H2S