Sound & Other

FDS has ready-made support and multiple remote configuration options for sound monitoring and other sensors that tie into the network.  We will customize the real-time data reports and alerts available to you through our web application. FDS can also work with you to put new sensors and devices onto our platform!

​We can help with instrumentation and the tools to give you real-time access to sound and other data, data alerts, and more! ​


  • Dwyer Magnehelic Pressure Gauge
  • ISCO Avalanche Composite Sampler
  • Generic Analog Sensor Interfaces (amperage and voltage)
  • Generic Serial/Digital Sensor Interfaces


  • Casella CEL 633

Photos of sound and other projects deployed throughout the U.S.

Alternate sensor models and types can be integrated into our system

We have 1000's of project hours!

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