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Patented Miniaturized Design

  • Apply easily attainable z-axis data for a three-dimensional view
  • Minimally invasive down hole diagnostics
  • Treatment is reduced or even avoided

Ideal for Production Wells and Test Boreholes

For more information regarding Miniaturized Well Profiling, please contact:

Michael Lauren
Call: 415-640-8060

Miniaturized Well Profiling

The patented miniaturized design of diagnostic tools is easy to implement and offers three survey methods that can be implemented together or individually. Click on each one to learn more.

Field Data Solutions is proud to be partnered with BESST to offer Miniaturized Well Profiling services. This USGS-patented technology allows customers to avoid costly pump removal and use of test pumps.

Deploy for problematic groundwater wells with the following characteristics:

  • Elevated arsenic
  • Elevated chrome
  • Elevated nitrates
  • Poor well performance
  • Shut-in production wells

Survey Methods