Flexible. Not "One Size Fits All"  


Why buy a real-time data solution that makes you lower your expectations because of its limitations? With FDSConnect, you get a real-time data network that is flexible and scalable to meet your project requirements.

Client Platform Features Customized Web UI 
The web user interface (UI) is configured to give you real-time access to the data the network is collecting from wherever you are. The information you need, when you need it, is only a click away.  More than monitoring the data in real-time, the web UI is customized to give you options for custom reports and alerts.

Click here to learn more about the customized web UI.

Pre-integrated Network Sensors Mean Faster Deployment
While FDS Connect is customized to meet your requirements, that doesn't mean it's expensive and slow to deploy. The latest sensors, detectors, gauges, and monitors from leading manufacturers are already integrated into the platform.  You get state-of-the-art technology that is flexible and scalable, while having the time and cost efficiencies of "one size fits all" solutions.

Click here to see the list of pre-integrated sensors. Because clients occasionally request specific instrumentation that is not pre-integrated into the network, the list continually changes. Please inquire if you don't see a preferred instrument on the list.