FDS Connect powers data collection with the latest sensors, detectors, gauges, and monitors from leading manufacturers. These sensors are connected to a low-power radio, local mesh network. Just as important as the uninterrupted data collection--the network is flexible and scalable, allowing adaptations to your project requirements.

The platform delivers the most comprehensive real-time data network available to the environmental industry:

Wireless Connectivity

Power Options

Instrument Integration




  • Thermo Scientific ADR-1500
  • Met One BAM 1020
  • Met One EBAM
  • Met One E-Sampler
  • Met One ES-642
  • TSI DustTrak DRX
  • TSI DustTrak II 8530

Gas Detection

  • RAE Systems MultiRae Plus
  • RAE Systems MiniRae 3000
  • RAE Systems MiniRae Lite
  • RAE Systems PPBRae
  • RAE Systems RAEGuard H2S

Site Local Weather

  • MetOne AutoMet
  • MetOne Individual Parameter Sensors (Temp, Wind, RH, etc)
  • MetOne AIO-2 (All-in-One Sonic Weather Station)
  • Casella Nomad

Water Quality

  • YSI EXO-1 Multiple Parameter Sonde
  • YSI EXO-2 Multiple Parameter Sonde
  • YSI 6-Series Multiple Parameter Sonde
  • Global Water Optical DO

Water Level

  • VanEssen Diver Family (micro, mini, CTD, Cera, Baro-Diver (up to 328ft))
  • Global Water Pressure Transducers (3ft to 60ft)
  • Siemens Pressure Transducers

Sound & Other

  • Casella CEL 633 (Sound)
  • Dwyer Magnehelic Pressure Gauge
  • ISCO Avalanche Composite Sampler
  • Generic Analog Sensor Interfaces (amperage and voltage)
  • Generic Serial/Digital Sensor Interfaces