Tell us about your biggest water or well site challenges, the data you need to collect, the instrumentation and sensors you want to include, or any other environmental monitoring system design needs you may have. We will recommend a real-time data network that gives you what you need. 

​FDS has ready-made support for various water and well monitoring sensors that tie into our web application. Real-time data is available through our web application for all of the sensors listed below, as well as multiple remote configuration options for many of the listed sensors. FDS can also work with you to put new water and well sensors and devices onto our platform.




Alternate sensor models and types can be integrated into our system


Water Level

  • VanEssen Diver Family (micro, mini, CTD, Cera, Baro-Diver (up to 328ft))
  • Global Water Pressure Transducers (3ft to 60ft)
  • Siemens Pressure Transducers

Water Quality

  • YSI EXO-1 Multiple Parameter Sonde
  • YSI EXO-2 Multiple Parameter Sonde
  • YSI 6-Series Multiple Parameter Sonde
  • Global Water Optical DO